Gaza, The untold story

When I first created my blog, I meant to write in Arabic ..

but in some situations - like those days - i feel that there needs to be something written in English to talk about my beloved city Gaza ..

Today I found a blog written by a palestinian guy who is actually living under the daily fire of the Israeli army

so his witness may be more powerful than mine ..

Gaza, The untold story Gaza, The untold story تمت مراجعته من قبل علا من غزة في يناير 06, 2009 تقييم: 5

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  1. I noticed that we have no site to express the public opinion in Gaza through blogsphere in English or French .
    I think it's great duty to have the initialization to do this important jop
    thanx ola
    I'll follow this Blog isA

  2. I thinke it will be very important to do that to other people how talke in english or french to know what this the rsal terrorism but many of arbic people must know about this because we have many of arabian dont understand

  3. ربنا مع كل اهل غزه

  4. كلام جميل واحساس رائع ..