I was there

Date: 4 / March/ 2008
Place: Brussels, in front of the European Union headquarters
Event: Protest against the siege of Gaza

التاريخ : 4 مارس 2008
المكان : بروكسل .. أمام أحد مقرات الاتحاد الأوروبي
الحدث : مظاهرة سلمية احتجاجا على حصار غزة

It was the first time for me to participate in such an event .. I was emotionally touched by the fact that most of the protesters were NOT palestinians. In fact the majority were moroccan men, women and even children.

To see the palestinian flag, and to hear people cheering for my city Gaza - although in french that i didn't really understand -, was really an incredible feeling !

I actually have realized that some people

Its true that when something like this happens nothing
really changes, but its enough for me to raise my flag, say something, and let some people know that we have a problem! even if its one additional person in this world ! we just have to let them know ..


Let me tell you a
story, I have a room mate from France, and I keep talking about Gaza and my family and the situation there, and all the miserable life we have over there. She always listens and listens .. she is really a nice person and good listener ..

until one day we were chatting in the morning and she said:
" Ola, I'm sorry for all the people that were killed yesterday in your city! I've been watching the news to know better! "

U don't know what that made me feel ! I felt that I've done something good ! an additional person on earth now CARES about the cause and wants to know better !

My point is, you don't have to do
HUGE things to make a difference ..


why do I write in english today?

I've been searching for pictures or headlines about this particular event, actually I have found some old ones, like this for example, but not about this one ..

so I thought .. mmmm ... maybe someone will come to this page my mistake , will see this post, and will hopefully want to know better, and will eventually begin to care ..


Now .. do u wanna see pictures ?!

This is one of the EU buildings

see the flags ! that's the protest

This is the HQ of the EU ..

people are cheering for Gaza

... in loud voice btw ...

A lot of morrocan women were there

... no comment i guess

Those girls were the reason of my tears ..

they were cheering

بالروح بالدم نفديك يا فلسطين

With soul and blood we support you Palestine

and they were serious about it, now just repeating the words

Thanks for caring, everyone !